We're open on New Years Day!
10am-Last Wash 9pm
Large Industrial-Sized
Front-Load Washers
Full-Service or
Fully-Attended By
Attentive Staff
Washers & Dryers

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Perfect Wash Express Storefront
State-of-the-Art Self-Service Laundry

Perfect Wash Express Laundry Center in downtown Huntington Beach is a self-service laundromat catering to the surrounding residential neighborhood and offers: drop-off laundry service (fluff & fold), sale of laundry soap and supplies and commercial laundry services all while providing a clean, safe and even entertaining environment. Perfect Wash is the Laundromat that the community of downtown Huntington Beach wants, needs and DESERVES!

Laundry Services

  • Perfect Wash Laundromat

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    Featuring all new, state-of-the art GREEN machines

    Perfect Wash Express Laundry Center is a completely brand new laundromat, boasting the most energy efficient, cleanest and fastest front-load machines all in a clean atmosphere and featuring modern design. Our machines will leave your laundry impeccably clean, all while gentle on their linens, as well as the ENVIRONMENT...in UNDER AN HOUR!

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  • Perfect Wash Express Laundry Center

    Community Connections

    What Huntington Beach wants, and the community deserves.

    Learn how Perfect Wash Express Laundry Center came to be and is a perfect fit for this community.
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    A Perfect Wash Difference

    Attention to detail makes us stand out from the rest.

    Located only blocks from the beach, Perfect Wash Express Laundry Center is open 7 days a week, easily fitting into any customer's schedule. Enjoy the WI-Fi, Vending, TV's & Lounge. Our friendly and fun-loving staff is available to attend any of your service needs.

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